26 février 2021

Photo Contest

Photo contest Sum up

Theme : Sailors Ambassadors  :

Through Instagram, sailors can share their life on board, either while working or at rest, or when the boat is docked.

The published photo  _before May 9th_ must be accompanied by the #sailorsambassadors hashtag

Photos Contest _ Sailors Ambassadors

From March 1st to May 9th, 2021

During the exhibition called «Les Marins d’a-bord» which takes place in le Havre (France) between July 1st and September 19th 2021, in the Seamen’s Club, the Oscar Niemeyer Library and Le Havre Port Center, a photo contest is organized from march 1st to May 9th 2021.

The contest topic is Sailors Ambassadors/Marins Ambassadeurs.
This event aims to highlight sailors by inviting them to share their life on board through Instagram, working or at rest or when you are docked in a port city.
To take part in the contest, the photographers have to add the dedicated hashtag #sailorsambassadors to their Instagram picture.
The selected authors will be contacted through a commentary below the picture and the messaging (Direct Instagram).
The whole contest rule is available on the website:


Contact:   marinsdabord@gmail.com

Photos Contest _ Sailors Ambassadors