Dear friends of the seas,

The Seamen's Club team welcomes you to Le Havre and wishes you a very pleasant call in our harbour.

Services to Seafarers are modified, due to COVID 19, from january 2021 the 16th, as follows:

You only can place an order to have some products delivered down the gangway of your ship.

      • Lebara telecom products
      • Souvenirs (even from Paris)
      • Chocolate and sweets
      • Noodles
  • Place an order deliveries of the club items at the accomodation lader.
  • Here after, see the button " Delivery service Order Form"
  • Contact us through Whatsap : + 33 (0) 689 211 623, according to the new opening hours.


Safety rules,  Safety first

As the crisis is still on and we are still on alert to stop the spread of the virus. Please make sure to download the files below to respect the process of delivery.


Le Havre Seamen’s Club Safe Process

up to date  january 2021, the 16th

Safety measures to ensure a safe delivery :

When the Seamen’s club minibus will stop at the foot of the gangway, you will have to go down on the dock, prepare the bank note (s), the driver will open the boot and will invite you to take your package. You will put your bank note(s) on the floor of the boot after counting in front of him.

Distance between you and the driver should be 1,50m (6 feet), you will bear a mask and gloves as the driver will do.

1 person at a time down the gangway

Hope to have the pleasure to be able to welcome you soon at the club in better conditions.


The daily ships visits are now  not allowed.

Seamen's club team stay near the gangway.

Free transportation from / to your ships :   Not allowed.

Sanitation steps enforced at Le Havre Seamen's club

Sanitation steps enforced at Le Havre Seamen's club :

In the Seamen's club vehicle  (not a matter at the moment) :

  • Free carriage of the seamen from ship to club back and port.
  • Frequent desinfection of the vehicles (handles, steering wheel, dashboard).
  • Hydroalcoholic gel and masks available in the vehicles.
  • Hand disinfection.
  • Mask is mandatory.
  • 6 seamen per vehicle.
  • No seamen on the front seat (besides the driver).
  • Plexiglas partition between the driver and the passengers ( Seamen).
  • Carriage of seamen of a single ship (no mixing with the crew of another ship).

In the club House (not a matter at the moment) :        

  • Hydroalcoholic gel and masks available at the club entrance and counter.
  • Mask is mandatory

Free WIFI in the club house
With high capacity
For easy use to every body please avoid downloading

LEBARA Sim Cards and Top-ups available for Internet in all EEC.
Please ask to the one in charge for more about rates and plans.

Soft drinks, draft beers, and hot drinks are also available at the club house.
Tea for free.

Shop selling snacks, drinks, sweets, toiletries, souvenirs,…

Small amounts changed ($ ) into euros (€)while change offices are closed

Postcards and stamps are available
You can leave at the desk we will send it for you